Raw apple pie

My working year was coming to an end. I work as a teacher, so by the end of June all the children had gone to the coast and other summer destinations and us, teachers, stay in school for an extra week. My birthday also coincides with the first days off, so I celebrate it some days before heading for the coast with my co-workers. A cup of delightful Turkish coffee, some cookies and a relaxed chat in the teachers’ room are enough for a pleasant celebration of me getting a year older before the Summer kicks in. So last year my co-worker, who controls a great deal about certified organic food, paid me a tribute with the most surprising piece of cake I had ever eaten. It was a juicy fresh piece of raw apple pie.

Before getting into the topic I would like to share some amazing raw cooking pages with you, just to get in the “raw” mood 😉 One of the most amazing pages and also the first Google hit is this page, beautiful to watch, beautifully written and encouraging. Enjoy it here:


A fresh, 2016 page, specialized in raw foods is available here:

Raw Food Recipes: Desserts

Breathtaking photos that will easily convince you to go all raw:


A nice presentation, vintage style but a vast index of raw recipes found by clicking on the following link:


Amazing photos. A classically trained chef turned raw.


And the above pages kind of sum up what the cake my co-worker brought me was all about. It was so different, so fresh, the taste was so new and surprising that I simply HAD to fall in love with it. My birthday became a great deal nicer than it had already  been. It is me we are talking about, so of course I had to ask her for the recipe for the raw delight she presented to me. And I have prepared it quite a huge number of times since my last year’s birthday. It deserves a thumbs up and at least an attempt. Once. You’ll be hooked before you know it.

This raw pie has two parts: the base and the filling. For the base you blend in the following order (in a blender):

150 grams cashews

100 grams dates

150 grams coconut flour

3 tbs liquid coconut oil (warm, not hot)

When you blend it well together you should grease a pie tray (best with a cube of coconut butter) and cover the bottom and the walls with the base mix you’ve just blended. Press firmly towards the surface. Then prepare the stuffing:

5 apples (4 finely grated, 1 chopped/diced)

lemon juice (from 1 lemon)

200 grams chopped/blended dates

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

Mix well altogether. I usual add a spoon of ground vanilla bean (I am a huge fan). If it is oozing and drooling, add some finely ground dry oatmeal, so it binds all the ingredients together. Add the filling to the base and cover. Leave in the fridge at least for a couple of hours. Then cut and decorate with some chopped almonds.

This time I left the apples in quite huge pieces and I used 7 apples, 2 more than the original recipe above. That is why you cannot appreciate both layers on the photo immediately. The taste was basically the same, only I had successfully used up some extra apples from the storage 🙂

I hope you will find it intriguing and encouraging enough to try it yourself. I will never ever regret falling in love with raw cooking, though I have not turned to all raw cooking. I appreciate a blue steak and a warm stew as well as organic ice-creams and raw desserts. And I am never disappointed by previously unknown tastes. Nevertheless, I will be eternally grateful to my co-worker who shared a piece of haven with me and who lets me ask stupid questions about healthy eating that should be totally obvious and common knowledge. I will definitely share my first piece of home made raw chocolate with you, dear colleague!



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