American dream


While visiting my brother in law in the USA we HAD to pay a visit to some kitchenware stores. And one of them was particularly successful. He has always teased us with some perfect photos of his BBQ achievements. Spare ribs perfectly glazed and crispy, stuffed burgers we spent hours figuring out and a salmon fillet on a cedar plate from now and then. And luckily he spent the “shopping” trip to the kitchen utensils with us and advised us to give it a try and to invest in a stuff-a-burger utensil. It is plastic. It is cheap, at about 10$ a unit we could not say no. The first friendly dinner in our house was a perfect time to give it a go.

And it proved to be a hit. Wow. The immense sea of combinations and flavours, all out there for us to try. And to dare. Our pioneer quest started well, with as much as no planning. We always keep vacuum packed sweet corncobs in the storage, some kilos of potatoes, Rufus Teague and Jack Daniels #7 sauce came with us from the US. And you can stuff burger meat with practically anything edible. Well, forget about gummy bears and Oreos for a while and check for whatever veggies and diaries you might find at your place.

We bought burger buns and sliced bacon and we were good to go and feast on best home made burgers ever. We toasted split buns on a grill pan with some butter, spiced the burger meat with some salt, pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and ground garlic and stuffed the burgers with some slices of cheddar cheese and grilled mushrooms. We prepared the burgers in a grill pan – so far they are not letting us the real BBQ on our terrace, we live in a bloc of flats, surrounded by 200 neighbours 🙂 We peeled, sliced and fried the potatoes for a nice home made chips. We used the heat of the pan for grilling pre-cooked corn cobs. We added some butter to the pan with the cobs and when finished, we impregnated the cobs with fresh garlic cloves from the outside. Sooooo buttery, melting in your mouth…

And all we needed afterwards was to construct the burgers, butter toasted buns first, some Jack Daniels or Rufus sauce, the meat burger, mustard, fried onions, fresh lettuce and a slice of pickles. The house was filled with the smell of BBQ, corn, fries…and so on and on. But you know what? This time we did not mind. It was heaven. And we did not want to forget that feast for as long as possible. From time to time we prepare our stuffed burgers, when we are extremely hungry (considering there are 250 grams of meat in each burger, muahahahaha) and to remember why we bought that plastic stuff-a-burger utensil. Thank you, best brother in law ever! You rock! This blog entry has been written with a lot of love and dedicated to you, hope that the next time we stuff a burger you’ll be here to comment and improve our humble BBQ attempt. With lots of love from Slovenia to the US. TNX.


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