Spanish Empanada #2

I have already shared this magnificent recipe with you in my earlier posts. But this royal like empanada was worth the second post, since it is my favourite Spanish food (after shrimps, yes) 😀 and because I have slightly moderated the dough (only a tiny add on) and the filling. I have added some ground sweet red paprika to give it an orange hue that a tuna empanada is supposed to have and for the filling I have fried two big onions, I added 400 grams of tuna in brine (2 cans) and 2 grilled red peppers (peeled), 1 can of chopped tomatoes (NO fried tomatoes, forbidden in my kitchen!) and a fistful of raisins. I added salt and pepper to taste and filled the bottom layer, covered it on top (you know the story and you understand the pictures) and after less than an hour we enjoyed just like the Galicians do. With a slice of hot empanada and a glass of albariño. I am leaving you some interesting webpages in the spirit of empanadas and the albariño wine so…Vivamos como Galegos!



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