Rice lefties

Month is coming to the end. It is already April now, to be precise, and we are trying our best to empty the storage of as many redundant ingredients as possible. We like the feeling of an empty fridge (being emptied on purpose, by all means) and a clean slate. So the following month inaugurates with some basic ingredients shopping (rice, potatoes, veggies&fruits, a dozen of milk cartons, etc.) and those basic ingredients become our canvas for the rest of the month. We have fresh potatoes now? Let’s try to combine it with sun dried tomatoes and anchovies! A lot of rice? Let’s chop some veggies and find some nuts or raisins. That is the moment when we begin our new month in the kitchen with a breath of fresh air and renewed storage. This was the last day before the “great shopping expedition”. So we still had plenty of rice left, we always have some sugar, eggs&flour…and not much more is needed to already have many possibilities to experiment and eat a nice meal made with the basics. Here are some variations of handy recipes using rice and rice flour, (in other words – leftovers and basic ingredients) to create marvels:

We used up all the rice left, TBH, the whole kilogram of basmati rice (though it is better to use round grain rice for this one..) so after a risotto for lunch and a rice salad for dinner it was time to use up the rest for something sweet. It has been too long since I have last tried my mum’s rice cake. And I did make it for my husband, but far before last year’s wedding. So the game was on. I added 3 decilitres of cold milk to 500 grams of steamed leftover rice. I mixed it well and left it a bit for the rice to soak. Meanwhile I separated the yolks and the whites of 3 eggs and beat them apart. I whipped a firm meringue and I beat the yolks with 200 grams of sugar (I use crystal white sugar or brown sugar for this recipe). I add some ground vanilla bean and lemon zest. And then I gradually mixed it all together:

  1. Rice soaked with milk
  2. You add yolks beaten with sugar and lemon/vanilla
  3. Carefully add meringue with a wooden ladle.

One of the most wonderful  things about this dessert/breakfast/snack/meal is that it contains practically no fat (if you exclude the fat from the milk – I use milk with 1,5% fat, so not even considerable for me 🙂 ). The only thing you should do is to grease a tray with some butter, pour the mix in, on top you should pour some liquid sweet cream (it makes an excellent crust on top) and sprinkle with ground cinnamon.

It took 1 whole hour for it to bake at 180°C. It is delicious when hot and not any  worse when cold. It is perfect for a warm comfort food when you need a piece and a refreshing dessert when it is hot outside and you so not feel like creamy and buttery desserts, but you forgot to buy the ice-cream 😦 It is very probable that you already have all the ingredients at home, so this is by far the best reason to do it. Forget shopping lists. Forget sophisticated ingredients. And try a much loved and traditional food the way Slovene grannies do it. If you happen to have some ice cream it can give this dessert a nice twist when it’s hot outside. I paired it with fresh strawberries and it was interesting. In my opinion it is still best enjoyed with a bowl of kompot. A beverage obtained by cooking pieces of fruit and some spices such as cinnamon in sweetened water and then served hot or cold.

Homemade Juice (Kompot)

So – who says you have to eat risotto for a week to enjoy rice? Hope you decide to have a piece of my childhood enter your kitchen. Rice cake with kompot…  sigh.


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