Weekend pizza roses

It’s been raining for the past couple of days. And warm spring days have soon mutilated into April weather. We all know April weather. The bad thing is that it does not exactly stimulate you to go out and have a walk to a local store or a restaurant to treat yourself correctly. With some junk food, a piece of cake from the nearest sweetshop or an ice-cream. I mean…ice-cream. Pfff. It’s November-like outside. Only by thinking about something cold causes a serious brain-freeze. So Much Water. Everywhere.

Hence we had no desire to go out to do the groceries we checked out our storage for junk food. Nada. We do not use to buy potato chips. Or junk food whatsoever. And we were hitting on a movie afternoon big time. And a slice of pizza would be a perfect match to a movie marathon. There we go, pizza it is.

But we like to be creative. So we decided to roll it up and make pizza roses (let’s say they looked like roses). 🙂 We prepared the dough with dried yeast. Yep-easy. We mixed:

300 grams of white flour

1 package of dried yeast (quick yeast)

1 tbs salt

1 tbs crystal sugar

a glass of lukewarm milk

We only had to mix all the ingredients with a hand mixer and when it was well blended we rolled the dough into a 1 centimetre thick dough sheet. We filled it with chopped canned tomatoes, sprinkled it with plenty oregano, added grated cheese and cooked ham. We made a roll and we cut it into 5 cm thick pieces ant placed them together (not to tightly so it can grow) onto a parchment paper covered tray. We left it in 180°C oven for half an hour. It grew, it shaped into flower like form and it smelled delicious.

We served some roses to a plate and commuted back to the bed. Spent the whole day binge watching our favourite series. Almost 1$ pizza 😀



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